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For the best experience, please access this website using Chrome or Firefox. aims to promote awareness of personal contributions to climate change, in the context of contributions at the municipal level.

The public is generally aware of the significance of climate change, but members of the public do not understand the scope of their GHG emissions. This information is publicly available, but it is not in an accessible format: pieces are scattered across tables, spreadsheets, PDFs, and websites. aims to bring many interconnected pieces of information together, and present them in an interesting and accessible format that doesn't overwhelm the visitor with information, while at the same time allowing visitors to learn more if they wished.

The general public can make use of this application to learn about their community's share of emissions. Secondary school teachers would greatly benefit from integrating into their climate change and geography curriculum. As the application was created with educational settings in mind, doing so would provide students with a more engaging way to learn about GHG emissions among BC communities.

Data sources incorporates data from the following sources:


Client-side: jQuery, RaphaelJS, flot, and Google Maps API v3.

Development: Python, Django, and MySQL.

Hosting: Ubuntu running nginx.